tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you……

tomorrow, i start work or at least training. it has not quite hit me yet that i am going back to work…finally. it seems like it has been forever since i last worked. my last few weeks of working in nebraska were mangled with my own projects, packing, saying goodbye, catching up on last minute mending on my grandmother’s hardy sewing machine, helping others unpack, etc. it was a crazy time. however, this time around, there will be more of a schedule and routine. this job will be hard work; nonetheless, with a lighter monday and tuesday and wednesday through friday being 8:30 to 4:30 (unless, i finish sooner), i believe it should indeed keep me occupied and allow me to meet new faces and different areas of our town.

this tuesday starts the beginning of attending ruf (reformed university fellowship). we have been baby-sitting the ruf pastor’s kids so that his wife could attend ruf large group with her husband. she is going to start going every other week so that she can have more time with the kids and so that we can have a chance at attending also. i am excited to start helping with ministry and meeting others in our community. it will help matt with finding more familiar faces on IU’s super large campus.

and saturday, we get our first house guest!! woot! woot! WOOTTTT!


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