worry wart

lately, i have been pondering a lot. i often think about our budget and how much money we are making and putting away. with my first pay check from my new job, i have been recently wondering if this cleaning job is really the job i want to stay with (not to mention my worries of my job’s inflexibility of taking time off around christmas).

today, i planned on beginning a new job search. however, my cleaning partner suggested i talk with our manager and discuss/request the time off i wanted. consequently, the talk proceeded and i walked away with a two week christmas break. God never ceases to amaze me and stun my mouth and mind for words. i worry and i fuss. i rely on myself to start looking for a new job. i fret about our savings and marriage. and what does God do? he gives me a great, at home weekend with my husband and a two week christmas vacation–plenty of time to visit both families. in addition, i asked my cleaning partner about her paycheck and realized my last check’s minuscule amount would be temporary. the Lord does provide–in his time.

this weekend matt and i are celebrating our birthdays together. his is the 26th of september and mine the 1st of october. we have always had issues of unbeknownst angst and competition with our birthdays so close together and trying to comply with 2 separate birthdays. well, to heck with that tradition! we decided on doing a birthday dinner party on saturday. i am going to try to imitate our israeli dinner  (with courses and hospitality) and hopefully the israeli couple will come! 3 other couples with be joining us. for appetizers my mother and i agreed on pears and grapes with brie and gouda (its apple smoked!). the entree will consist of chicken tikka masala (thanks to a great recipe from my mom and renee) with fresh naan and possibly a mint chutney. and for dessert you ask? well, i will be using our new ice-cream maker for a lemon basil sorbet. how does that sound? that is what i thought. absolutely. delicious. hope your week is going splendidly also.


One thought on “worry wart

  1. burdenofglory says:

    Mmmmmm. How I wish I could stop by for this glorious meal. Mmmmmmm.
    God does give us more than we could ask or imagine. Grateful you have eyes to see it, Ashley B.

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