in light of christmas being around the corner and therefore nebraska travels being around the corner, here are a few posts i have read in recent passing that encompass some of my feelings about the “flyover” state i call home.

downtown lincoln

downtown lincoln

“Nebraska” by Lanny Fuller

“Out here, people aren’t afraid of feeling small. The “I’m really important and don’t have a second to waste not being on my iPhone” ego is swept aside by an appreciation of the bigger picture. A picture painted by massive skies touching the flat land. There’s enough room for imagination to breathe deeply. And enough space for creative exploring to let her hair down.”

“Nebraska raised me to never forget to slow down every now and then. To stop the crazy train of life and stress. To simplify. And let all the imperfections of living become things to smile about down the road. Knowing you don’t have to be in the business of changing the world to make a difference.”

“Farewell, Lincoln” by Abram Lueders

“If you’re planning your summer vacation, I can’t say I’d recommend Lincoln. When you’ve only got a week, you might as well go somewhere big. Somewhere extraordinary.
But if you’ve got six years to spend somewhere, you could do a lot worse.”

“What Lincoln does have is a wonderful richness of ordinary places.”

here is a song to soak in the nebraska posts and get you in the mood for a wednesday night:


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