the met

matt and i wished the met was designed more so like an ikea…

20060513-DSC_0157 20060513-DSC_0158the metropolitan museum of art was absolutely stunning. but with the amount of space and vast amount of displays, we had to start making a list of what was most important to see–early european art, statues, modern art, american, etc.  we both agreed that the met is like a maze, and that it should be more like an ikea: one entrance, one path, one end. therefore, you don’t have to wind up retracing your steps through half of the museum to find a different exhibit.

one of my favorite exhibits was “china: through the looking glass.” the exhibition,

“explores the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries.”

it was beautifully put together with dresses from dior to yves saint laurent. the best room “moon in the water” featured dresses that were arranged on black reflective stone. a wooden walkway led you around the center of the room, almost as if you were walking around a still, quiet pond. the dresses were elegantly arranged and reflected on the stone like water.


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