goodness in the crack of a window

sitting here. the fan cooling the night air. it rained today. hard rain–with flashes of lightning and sudden rumbles of thunder. i was tucked away in my new office. stained glass stopping my vision from the outside noise. i am working for our church. not hourly. it is one of my first non-hourly paid jobs. God is good. despite what i say or do, i really love organization. love finding efficiency patterns and tricks. i admit, i am good at these things. so i have a job–doing these things that seem good to my mind. tasks that make me think–dream about how to make better for the system and the people. God is good.

matt is gone. he left early this morning for his yearly college boys get-together. it will be good for him. he needs some refreshing before the next plunge into academia. walking into the house, it was lovely, though. everything tidied like i had left it: clean dishes drying in the sink, shoes orderly stacked, chips and mango salsa waiting just for me. i cracked a window to let in the cool damp georgia air. God is good.

tomorrow i will return to work. sitting in my beige office with neo-gothic pointed windows deeply recessed into the wall. the faint colors of the panes sealed into various shapes with leaded frames. my file cabinets sit in the corner, papers waiting to still find a home up top. a new friend is driving me to work tomorrow. have to be ready early. pack my bag. it is almost feels like a real-life adult job. speaking of grown-ups, i will be 25 this year. seemingly old, but also young in certain lights. off to brush my teeth.


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