photo credit to stan jones

photo credit to stan jones

my husband and i recently moved to georgia from indiana. he’s a cali boy who moved to his real home “the midwest” for school. we met at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. yes, i am a husker-born gal. he wooed me and we married after dating 14 or so months. now the man is getting his phd in jewish religion at emory university. before georgia, we were in indiana for matt’s masters’ degree in jewish studies at indiana university.

currently,  i am tutoring english essay writing online to k-12 and college aged students.  we are part of st. paul’s, where we have met the most incredible people. jesus is so good! we feel blessed to be here. and no, my husband is not jewish (despite his beard) and he does not want to move back to california, because there are too many people, outrageous traffic, impatient people and he likes being able to look out over the plains in the midwest (at least that was his argument when we lived in nebraska).

our hobbies include, but are not limited to: talking, walking, exploring, relaxing, reading, eating, cooking, arguing, netflix, driving to see family, etc.


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  1. Loni Found Herself says:

    I typed in “babies” as a search topic (new mom, here, and wanted to follow some baby blogs) and saw your photo of a baby wearing an IU hat! My husband and I are maybe the opposite of you and yours. We did our undergrad at IU and are now living in Cali, where he’s doing his Ph.D. at UCLA.

    Had to comment. And follow.

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