Day 12


when your man won’t pose


we’re getting closer to the end. but the comps are approaching. there are a series of tests “comps” coming this spring and matt has to read around 90 books and articles to prepare. let’s just say, i would be hiding far away with a bottle of prosecco and chocolate (perhaps doritos too), refusing.

i have been wanting to get some cam practice in, so i grabbed my flash and headed upstairs. this one turned out ok. he’s pretty cute. maybe this could be an eventual book cover: “how i brought back arts and sciences to america: the rise of u.s. college religious programs, especially in jewish studies.” (you have to use a colon in your title to look smart)

the end.

the beginning

it has begun. the packing. the processing. the fact, we are leaving in a day. the adoption paperwork by God’s grace is all in the mail. matt was a trooper, taking off all wednesday afternoon to run around to 8 different places to get tested, checked, pricked, stand in line.

but for now. we’re going to take a break and go see europe. it’s a plan we have talked about for years (i know we’re young). h is going to handle things at the office–i think she has got it handled 🙂 meanwhile, i perhaps need to do some unpacking and perhaps find some room for some toiletries (or maybe i ONLY need a toothbrush…).

love y’all. for those who want to follow our travels, i will be mainly instagram-ing until i get back to edit the 324908230948230948 photos on my camera. here is my handle @brittingbloom.