dpp numero nueve

view from the office window

view from my car


view from the office window

view from the office window

worked all day. tutoring.

brain’s done.

drank raspberry tea from my new

antique pistachio milk-glass mug.

thanks, e.

matt is finally home.

didn’t see him today.

glad we’re on the same couch.


brew for the cure

the moon

the moon

the evening was chill and beautiful with the big moon on the horizon.

our friend caldwell and our pastor herron had been planning for months

for an event to raise money for women recovering

from cancer and honor their journey and life.

so caldwell created brew for the cure.

he started a weekly brewing night for the guys in town.

200 locally made brats were donated.

tables and chairs were shared

chili and desserts made.

award winning wine was donated.

the motto was “drink responsibly. give recklessly.”

they hope to continue this tradition–

growing and sharing with the community in years to come.

the evening was beautiful–friends coming together

sharing and eating

listening to great music

donating to a necessary cause

under one roof

dazzling with strings of light.

brew table

brew table

our heroic lady! finished  with chemo and radiation a few weeks ago.

our heroic lady! finished with chemo and radiation a few weeks ago.

the woolery mill

the woolery mill

friday: part one



friday was cold and blustery. i had a job interview in indianaopolis or as people here say “indi”.




the buildings downtown are lovely. i was nervous about the interview, but it went better than i had expected.




i was nervous and questioning myself while i attempted my first “big city” driving alone. however, i was able to park without a glitch.


afterwards, i grabbed some tea by the main entrance of the building and enjoyed the view.


God has been blessing me with peace lately and allowing me to rest in his plan. i am eager to see what happens next.


however, there were others who drove up to indi yesterday too: dan and erica. their trip was to the hospital. erica’s chemo ports have become infected and she has felt pretty awful lately because of this. consequently, they need lots of prayer. she is due for more chemo in the next few days. pray for peace, healing, love, and unity for their family as they endure this trial.