my new fav pizza

matt and dad chilling on top of gt's clough commons post sunrise donuts. my rents came and visited two weekends ago. it was a lovely visit.

matt and dad chilling on top of gt’s clough commons–post sunrise donuts. my rents came and visited two weekends ago. it was a lovely visit.

last night i made the best pizza i have ever had the honor of making. i have been trying to do a little bit more meal planning (for hmmm…heathy and cheap cooking) and list making for less grocery runs/efficiency.

i shall call my new masterpiece: the leek and soppressata deep dish pizza.

first i made this “no knead pan pizza dough.” however, i threw my ingredients into a bread maker (dough cycle) since i had not thought to make the dough that morning or the night before. but oh, it is a nice and easily spreadable dough.

while the bread maker was whirring away, i sautéd:

1 leek (sliced)

1 c. fresh spinach (or a good handful)

1/2 pound baby bella mushrooms (sliced)

hardy spoonful of minced garlic

salt to taste

the dekalb farmer’s market did not have pepperoni, so i bought 4 oz. of hot soppressata and thinly sliced it. once the dough was done, i spread it into an oiled 11 inch cast iron skillet and up onto the sides of the pan. then i covered the bottom with first:

  1. 1 1/2 cups of mozzarella (needs to amply cover bottom)

2. the sauted veggies

3.  the thinly sliced hot soppressata

4. marinara sauce

–don’t over heap the sauce so it becomes too close to the edges of the dough/sides of the pan. the filling expands in the oven 🙂

bake for 20 or so minutes at 450 degrees till the crust is golden brown. let sit for 5 minutes and enjoy! it also makes for excellent leftovers (it might have tasted better the next day).

–the only thing that needs work was that the veggies’ wetness caused the pizza to be little leaky–but it didn’t affect the taste!


dpp 7: diciembre siete

“i ain’t no hollaback girl…” -pretty sure stefani was singing about being a “challah-back” girl 🙂 when i was looking up the original song, i wonderfully stumbled upon a whole market for “challah back girl” merchandise: t-shirts, etc. oh, yeah.

20141128-DSC_0037 20141128-DSC_0039

an evening with dov-ber

suffice to say, tonight was good. i had mentioned to matt’s yiddish professor earlier this week that i had never met his wife. soon after, he proceeded to figure out a time for us to come over for dinner, which then became a dinner party.

dov-ber is known for his dinner parties with his students. his lovely wife and him make up an exceptional example of the perfect hosts. he unloaded his corner cupboard of all of his favorite plum brandies and scotch, most of which were imported from europe. he never wished for our glasses to be empty and whenever he poured himself a shot, everyone was offered a refill. i even took my first few shots, raising my glass with a resounding “mazle tov” to clink glasses with those around.

matt and i left full in spirit and stomach.

here are a few pics for tonight to give you a glimpse of our amazing host, the incredible food and people (there are more to come).

cutting the challah

cutting the challah

eating with some of matt's colleagues

eating with some of matt’s colleagues

dov-ber was born in russia and grew up speaking yiddish in the home. needless to say, he knows yiddish pretty well.

i am glad matt decided/needed to take yiddish here at IU.

matt's yiddish professor: dov-ber

matt’s yiddish professor: dov-ber