things have been getting better here. it has taken a little work (on my heart and expectations) and prayer to learn this new temporary life. matt has classes and work like usual, but in my new space and environment, i am having to learn to be more gracious and serving and not think about me–which is always good.

the incredible couple God led us to (through friends of friends of friends) has been a perfect fit. their compassion and serving hearts are teaching me a lot about giving. that i can give more. a lot more. in so many different ways. so thanks m-family!

a view on our vernal falls hike

a view on our vernal falls hike


pulling on the vines

i got home saturday at around five from being gone all day. i saw some of our neighbors, but wanted to make a beeline for the comfort of my home, to bask in nothingness and see matt. however, i waved at a neighbor, and before i knew it, we were talking, while our neighbor next door and her daughter walked up. we began catching-up, strawberries were shared, and food was being made for the little one. then we started to look at her garden, finding ivy manipulating other plants, trees attempting to grow, random stones,  etc.

we started cleaning up the flower beds. we worked together, our hands digging into the soil to find the roots. matt took care of the little girl. a few beers were grabbed. another woman went to get her own tools and gloves. we pulled up the bad and tended to the good. we laughed and talked. one of the ladies kept gently guiding us as to what to work on next  and what plants were growing amongst our feet. our toss pile grew larger as we moved next door to my beds. we transplanted a rose and hydrangea plant. matt’s friend came over, and they hauled all our refuse to the trash. three huge wagons full.  each person was integral to the impromptu three hour gardening  session.

it was beautiful.

to work so closely together, caring without words, encouraging each other while we dug out stumps, laughing as we tugged at the stubborn plants or were attacked by a branch. in the end, as i finally walked into my kitchen, there was this beautiful sense of joy holding my heart. to see community as God intended and working the earth to see God’s glory, the entire experience was joyously unreal.

now to finish packing….

a walk down allergy lane

with the target gift card we got in the mail, matt and i started off to finally find some gardening things: shovel, plant food, seeds, etc. we also drove around looking for post offices, but siri kept taking us to ups stores not usps stores. matt asked why i could not have gone to the grocery store for stamps, but i explained that i had to have my fancy stamps (my last bunch was made up of “rosa parks,” “emancipation proclamation” and  “workers of america” stamps–which i only saved for special people. sorry if you didn’t get one).

we bought wildflowers and daisies for the front and herbs for the back in raised-ish beds (matt’s mom found these pine frames with wire at the trash that are doubling as baby raised bed sides). we found a lot of cement block crumbs and glass while turning over the soil. we probably should have bought some new soil, but this will be a sort of a “georgia brittingham’s first  green-thumb trial run.” matt thinks nothing will happen–i have high hopes of at least most of everything coming to the surface and perhaps surviving.

here are a few pictures from matt and i’s last walk. i had a sinus headache by the end of the walk and matt’s nose was a little runny. the pollen is getting pretty bad.


tulip tree blossoms


tall spokane-like pines


purple flower tree. a red bud?


my favorite jankety stairs and ginger man (a woman actually asked him at the basketball court if he dyed his beard)


the snow queen


“dingle-berry” tree


“dingle-berry” tree #2


our neighbor’s sporty garden plants–there are some SERIOUS green thumbs around our complex


barely sprouting