Day 1 

First hot #chocolate. #dpp #dpp2016 #decemberphotoproject 


when your man won’t pose


we’re getting closer to the end. but the comps are approaching. there are a series of tests “comps” coming this spring and matt has to read around 90 books and articles to prepare. let’s just say, i would be hiding far away with a bottle of prosecco and chocolate (perhaps doritos too), refusing.

i have been wanting to get some cam practice in, so i grabbed my flash and headed upstairs. this one turned out ok. he’s pretty cute. maybe this could be an eventual book cover: “how i brought back arts and sciences to america: the rise of u.s. college religious programs, especially in jewish studies.” (you have to use a colon in your title to look smart)

the end.

learning to be alright

exploring downtown with the man

exploring downtown with the man

i am currently in the process of learning to be alright with being alright.

if that makes sense.

it struck me the other day–as my friends admitted to how hard parenting is–

(and they struggled for years with infertility)–

that sometimes i create these scenarios about how i will react to something because of what we’ve experienced…

their admittance took me aback.

for them to admit that their “dream life” is hard

is pretty monumental and humbling.

yes, we have been struggling with infertility for almost three years–

but i am learning to see and appreciate the time i have with matt.

that it is ok to be happy and not worry about all

the “irons in the fire” as my ma puts it.

that we need to make plans around the unknown–

life cannot be put on a petrified hold because “what if we get the call?!

God still provides for us.

it is getting easier to consciously see the surrounding provisions His hands have freely given.

and we can’t walk away from that.

there are great and wondrous moments to be had.

time to be spent

with our community, our city–each other.

and that is good.

God is good.

i can and need to be identified as more than our current situation.

however, there will still be hard days when i am angry

and just cry.

but for now, thank you, jesus, for your unending mercy.

You are good.