dpp 2015: diciembre once

hanging out with my lunch date mr. c

hanging out with my lunch date mr. c

leaving work late

leaving work late


stamps and v-day

assortment of stamps

assortment of stamps

love the look

love the look

wedding invitations

with colorful arrays of stamps

more non-conformists

like my sisters

whose v-day notes were just emailed

thanks to the web

and my too lazy heart.

we have heard back finally

from a school

that is not IU.

i have been hesitant to talk about it

since it is in atlanta

and we do not know

our other choices.

my heart has been still



for another letter.

while i was excited for atlanta’s response

happy that they saw

my husband–

our future suddenly

becomes blurred.

the wheel has been taken

from my white-knuckled fists

that were unknowingly clenched.

what streets will i walk tomorrow?

the babies i want–

where will we have them?

or what agencies will

we find to work with?

how long will it take to drive home

to my mom

and my crazy mass of sisters

and my dad?

can we leave a town

we have grown to love?

a church that is just starting to begin?

the faces that have grown

accustomed to my heart?

last night was the first time


upon finding out about atlanta

asked if we accepted.

like there wasn’t another option.

didn’t try to tuck atlanta away

or ask about our options for IU.

it struck me. made me start to think.

push at my heart.

oh, God.

please reveal your path.

a blanket and a baby

jake and davy

recently, matt’s good friend had a baby. recently, i learned how to crochet. therefore, i got crazy and made a blanket before thanksgiving (the colors were heather and periwinkle–simply divine together). the blanket was made in time for little davy (although, davy did stay in an extra week. the blanket was halfway done by the time she decided to show up).

she is beautiful. and her family is prettttty  happy with her. i just found out another one of my friends is pregnant, too. i guess it tis the season for baby making/havin. i asked matt today if we could have a baby for christmas. he said i had been bad this year so i could not have a baby this year for christmas. shucks. better start working on making it on the “good list” for next year (hahaha).

a day of letters and scones

freshly baked scones

today, my friend caroline came over around nine. i had decided the prior night to make her scones. somehow though, butter dripped from the scones onto the bottom of my oven: a fire proceeded (a nasty, smelly, blue-flamed fire).

there was smoke everywhere.

my eyes watered.

i called my mother.

she had never had this problem with making scones and assumed my butter had not been made into perfect pea-sized crumbles.

bahhh….anyhow, with windows cranked open, the air-blasting, and an array of candles burning propped on books and tables, the house was decently presentable by the time caroline and her baby daughter arrived.

The scones were NOT ruined (by the way or maybe the heavenly whipped cream did the trick).

after caroline left, i got the mail and to my utter joy had received a bunch? load? pile? of lovely letters! God is good. mail does do the heart good..but more on that later.

the mail