last week: roca, nebraska

last week was my first time

without a job (since september).

practicing with my aperture, the f-thing, and my iso. ma gave me a camera lesson.

practicing with my aperture, the f-thing, and my iso. ma gave me a camera lesson.

matt had spring break

and we left for

our old home.

my expectations

of course



(a word here that means: blown out of the water, as usual).

reaching up, up, up!

reaching up, up, up!

we were busier

than i had intended.

i have always struggled with

that problem

affiliating break with relaxation


being absolutely lazy.

just never happens.

(i need to start stifling that pipe dream).

mi abuela de amor

mi abuela de amor


the week was different

more meaningful

in ways

i could not have imagined.

God created space for me to see

the lovely women

replacing mis pequeñas hermanas lindas.


so late

the clock hands reaching upwards

ma falling asleep on the couch

tata in bed.

the living room so warm

bodies draped

in pleasant, tired heaps

emitting whispers

and loud laughs.

my mind just gaped

not acquainted with

these new forms:

of woman.

marvelous unexpected snow!

marvelous unexpected snow!

my spirit felt blessings

trickling in

to reservoirs tucked



but brimming now

with an air of wonder

at these lovely

creatures stirring

at the feet of womanhood.

lights shown from

their eyes

and music from their lips

that i drank


excited with

the prospects

of new friends

never leaving

the last blooms of the amaryllis

the last blooms of the amaryllis





neon tiger and the 100th post (woot)

listening to “neon tiger” by the killers right now. actually, i am listening to their whole album day and age. i remember trying to sneak the killers’ albums through the shopping line at shop-ko when i was in high school.

black and white plant #1

black and white plant #1

however, my mother caught me and reprimanded me for attempting to buy evil music. one of my parents asked me “well, why would a band name themselves the killers?” (as if this was a solid reason for not buying any of their albums–well, from a parents’ standpoint, i can understand). i am sorry mom and dad. i have given over to the dark side.

also, i am making a baby blanket for a friend right now using this pattern:


i am going to also make an afghan for our couch using this pattern. i guess i just got sidetracked.


our insane, after-trip, living room

our insane, after-trip, living room

i am currently sitting next to my husband who is watching the championship game. he is in his long johns, thumbing through pdfs for school. a little window alongside the pdj is the playing the game: the crowd emitting through his speakers. we would be sitting at chili’s with a bowl of bottomless chips and beer had not matt found the game online. i am a bit thankful for him finding it.

work today was good. i woke up several times this morning, checking the clock not wanting to be late on my first work day in two weeks. my dreams were filled with terrifying cleaning dramas: a house that was so big i called my family over to help. with all my family helping, i began to forget what was already clean. it was 7 pm and i kept calling my manager to see if we had to continue cleaning, since it was so late. nonetheless, despite my worrisome dreams, i made it to work on time despite the 13 inches of snow and ice covering matt’s car (i don’t drive the nissan to work, just matt’s old white “blue” clunker).

work was better than i had expected. my favorite partner and i were paired together. we both agreed that our job was “tolerable enough” when we were paired together and that we could bear it a bit more. matt’s first day of school was today, also. and it as well was “tolerable”. tolerable enough to make last semester seem like kindergarten. thank you, Lord.

our vacation was so packed and crazy that matt and i separately felt that christmas had been skimmed over. we both thought about celebrating christmas this week and  brought up the issue with each other. our mutual christmas blues will be flying by the time our christmas extravaganza this friday happens. bing crosby and zooey deschanel are singing their christmas hearts out still in our house. our crazy ornaments are proudly hanging in our kitchen. and santa is still dancin’ it up in his glass lamp.

my new bathroom wall

my new bathroom wall