the birthday extravaganza

saturday night. 7:20 pm. everyone arrived 20 minutes late. and all at once.

the conversations i had been worried about earlier quickly diminished–conversation never dwindled. people began talking once they walked in the door and up until they left. the night went stupendously. the Lord was indeed gracious and had an agenda of his own.

our ruf minister’s wife had searched all morning for a babysitter, but to no avail. nevertheless, their three girls came over: two camped out in our bedroom with some charlie brown and beauty and the beast and the other chowed on grapes while sitting her mama’s lap. she later left her mama to dig around in my kitchen drawers for aluminum foil (not sure what she did with it).

the night was great. the sorbet did not set up due to my lack of reading directions prior to that morning. i found the insulated bowl for the ice-cream maker needed 16 to 24 hours to chill, not the 9 hours i had before the party. so instead of a sorbet, it became a bit of a frozen delicious slush.

the rest of the cooking, matt and i had done the night before. matt had made the the chicken tikka masala sauce. i made a marinade for my diced chicken. furthermore, i made the sorbet mixture and let the basil and ginger seep in the fridge along with the marinating chicken (in separate dishes). saturday morning left just the naan dough to prepare (it can be refrigerated for up to 2 days).

the naan did not turn out exactly like my mother’s–it was not fluffy and perfect, but no one had really ever had naan; so, they could not complain. the few new couples who came fit right into the group. dinners such as these need to happen a lot more than they do.

everyone except for caroline (she was probably checking on the girls in the other room).

the party winding down around 11:00 o’clock.

the kitchen was left in a bit of a disaster. luckily i had a sexy dishwasher i had hired…his name was matteo brittingham.


my man’s birthday

my man turned 24 on wednesday. we celebrated that night with scrubs, knefla and funfetti cake (with homemade almond frosting–forgot the multicolored sprinkles! darn!). it was certainly a party. my grandmother would be proud to know i finally made knefla (a german farm dish: small flour dumplings with cream sauce, homemade croutons and sausage).

my man with his cake and hanukkah candle

it took group effort, but it was utterly wonderful and successful. tummies were full. spirits were high. and my man was beaming for all the facetime moments with the parents singing and of course, the photos. what a trooper. (except, he just looked over my shoulder and shunned me for forgetting those sprinkles:)

our spread for the night

worry wart

lately, i have been pondering a lot. i often think about our budget and how much money we are making and putting away. with my first pay check from my new job, i have been recently wondering if this cleaning job is really the job i want to stay with (not to mention my worries of my job’s inflexibility of taking time off around christmas).

today, i planned on beginning a new job search. however, my cleaning partner suggested i talk with our manager and discuss/request the time off i wanted. consequently, the talk proceeded and i walked away with a two week christmas break. God never ceases to amaze me and stun my mouth and mind for words. i worry and i fuss. i rely on myself to start looking for a new job. i fret about our savings and marriage. and what does God do? he gives me a great, at home weekend with my husband and a two week christmas vacation–plenty of time to visit both families. in addition, i asked my cleaning partner about her paycheck and realized my last check’s minuscule amount would be temporary. the Lord does provide–in his time.

this weekend matt and i are celebrating our birthdays together. his is the 26th of september and mine the 1st of october. we have always had issues of unbeknownst angst and competition with our birthdays so close together and trying to comply with 2 separate birthdays. well, to heck with that tradition! we decided on doing a birthday dinner party on saturday. i am going to try to imitate our israeli dinner  (with courses and hospitality) and hopefully the israeli couple will come! 3 other couples with be joining us. for appetizers my mother and i agreed on pears and grapes with brie and gouda (its apple smoked!). the entree will consist of chicken tikka masala (thanks to a great recipe from my mom and renee) with fresh naan and possibly a mint chutney. and for dessert you ask? well, i will be using our new ice-cream maker for a lemon basil sorbet. how does that sound? that is what i thought. absolutely. delicious. hope your week is going splendidly also.