when your man won’t pose


we’re getting closer to the end. but the comps are approaching. there are a series of tests “comps” coming this spring and matt has to read around 90 books and articles to prepare. let’s just say, i would be hiding far away with a bottle of prosecco and chocolate (perhaps doritos too), refusing.

i have been wanting to get some cam practice in, so i grabbed my flash and headed upstairs. this one turned out ok. he’s pretty cute. maybe this could be an eventual book cover: “how i brought back arts and sciences to america: the rise of u.s. college religious programs, especially in jewish studies.” (you have to use a colon in your title to look smart)

the end.




friday moments while driving around:

-laughter sifting through my windows

-sweaters delicately streaming in the wind

-hair highlighted through car skylights

-colorful flats emerging into spring wardrobes

-old women singing to the radio and rigorously tapping their hand against the frame of their car

-sweating while wearing shorts

-the dulcet tones of a sister’s voice

-refreshing tonic and gin rushing through my being

-matt working out his wrists chopping ginger: his words, not mine 🙂

-dreams of pad-thai cooking on my stove

DSC_0379 DSC_0386

dpp numero deiciocho

crazy saint candle lady

crazy saint candle lady

dear man at the grocery store driving a station wagon who yelled “hey, lady”and did the “come-hither-cause-i-am-hot-stuff” eye brow lift,

you will not find a woman by yelling at them while they are carrying groceries.

perhaps if you helped them carry the groceries…

pajama pant wearing women are not suggesting they are in need of a bed.

they are probably just tired or too lazy to get dressed. or both.

the “eyebrow” lift did not and will not convince a woman to drop her groceries and jump in your station wagon…

unless you’re joseph gordon-levitt or ryan gosling. (you did not hear that from me).

straggly naval-long beards are not usually a turn-on…

unless you are a dwarf woman or gandalf’s wife.

despite all that i have said, thanks for the compliment…

definitely wasn’t feeling sexy today.

till next time-