december photo project: day 28 (it’s still december isn’t it?)

green cellophane wrapped presents

  green cellophane wrapped presents

matt and i are sitting at his parents right now. alone. watching M.A.S.H. klinger and charles emerson winchester III coaxing the humor from our tired souls.

“one must seduce the cognac.”

“i get the feeling we’re not talking boiler makers here.”

“would you just stop talking and get him into surgery!”

“surgery? oh, that’s where we are sending them? i was sending them to the laundry.”

it’s good to just sit here, relax with the winter sun pouring through the back sliding doors. the back tree heavy with plump oranges.  the christmas tree a few feet away, arms full of an assortment of blue balls, flannel candles, texas angels, pictures of christmas past, and clock teapots. a few days from now, we will be heading towards the land of 7 degrees: nebraska. looking forward to seeing my family.