dpp 12: diciembre doce



dpp numero veinticuatro

present opening time

present opening time


justin smiling for the camera

justin smiling for the camera

walking into a house

so still

so quiet

after riding in the dark

words strewn across the car

banging against the windows.

a day

that lasts in one’s memory.

the eve that is pregnant

with expectation

of the morning to come

with hopeful white

and assorted packages under

a pine.

after the chaos dies down

with the blur of black boots

and red holly sweaters–

the quietness of the house

with familiarity packed into

rooms of my youth

i wonder

what part i make of this mad race

why i smile

grow excited…

when my heart was fullest

in the glow of the candles

in the old pine-floored sanctuary

faces alight with joy and singing

praising the Christ

and glimpsing

hope and eventual


dpp numero deiciocho

crazy saint candle lady

crazy saint candle lady

dear man at the grocery store driving a station wagon who yelled “hey, lady”and did the “come-hither-cause-i-am-hot-stuff” eye brow lift,

you will not find a woman by yelling at them while they are carrying groceries.

perhaps if you helped them carry the groceries…

pajama pant wearing women are not suggesting they are in need of a bed.

they are probably just tired or too lazy to get dressed. or both.

the “eyebrow” lift did not and will not convince a woman to drop her groceries and jump in your station wagon…

unless you’re joseph gordon-levitt or ryan gosling. (you did not hear that from me).

straggly naval-long beards are not usually a turn-on…

unless you are a dwarf woman or gandalf’s wife.

despite all that i have said, thanks for the compliment…

definitely wasn’t feeling sexy today.

till next time-