grey mornings and cold hawks

crowd at the market in front of our burrito stand

crowd at the market in front of our burrito stand

taking a pause

taking a pause (photo credit mb)

matt eating our sandwich from #eggslut (can see empty wheelchair in background)

matt eating our sandwich from #eggslut (can see empty wheelchair in background and innocent newstand)

as of now it is cold, grey and wet outside. there was a huddled-up hawk sitting on top of a telephone pole outside of my window. i have not tutored for about 4 weeks, since we have been gone in cali and lincoln for about a month. we’ll probably not take that long of a trip again for a holiday–it was crazy, but good. our highlights:

-exploring tide pools at corona del mar with the peters family

-getting to know my sister, katie hammond better, and seeing the incredible drive and passion she has for her fulfilling and exhausting job as a middle-school teacher

-meandering downtown LA with my ginger man. we had not gone on a date downtown since before we were married. it was time. we ate excellent street food at egg slut and at a crazy amazing mexican food vendor–best carne asada i have ever had. there was a man who rapped on our train ride for his friend. in addition, a homeless man got out of his wheelchair to pee on the newspaper stand next to us during lunch. when a man started yelling at him to stop, he yelled, “i said ‘exCUSE me!'”

-lincoln christmas: making samosas, drinking prosecco, sitting by the fireplace, and the dancing to U2 with the whole family (even my grambear got out her moves and mom was dancing on the ottoman). it was an experience i will never forget–such joy and an inexpressible unity and love filling the room with bono’s electronic mixes (best of 1990-2000 b-sides)

-going to redeemer church. God’s presence is really there. through the music and the amazing pastor j. gerber who spoke that night on moses and his father-in-law, the night refreshed my soul and tuned my mind and my heart.

-eating in-and-out three times

-embracing family i haven’t seen for years and catching up

-mistakenly bringing atl metro cards for the la metro  #toomanybigcities

however, it is good to be back. going to church yesterday felt like it had been far too long away from our new family. our neighborhood familiarity was disappearing like marty mcfly’s family picture and piecing in indiana neighborhoods. matt went off today for his 2nd semester of graduate school. we will have four more years after this: one more of classes, one of testing and then two for his dissertation. i am thankful for his tenacity and love for his work, and am looking forward to where God’s plan leads us in the future.