dpp 6: diciembre seis

orange time with matt.

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plus a great article on “simplifying christmas”. enjoy christmas this year 🙂 don’t join the consumer-crazed-hectic-rat-race.


foster kids

these verses today caught my eye (as is the sun shining right through my window right now) :

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” -Romans 8:18

“And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies” -Romans 8:23

hopefully, this is encouraging to you as well. i feel the first verse really is going to help me to put my life in perspective when i am feeling down and just plain pitiful–which just never happens (looking downward and shuffling feet). also, i just love the use of the word adoption in the second verse. having been surrounded by families longing to adopt and seeing the need of homes for foster kids, i feel the word resonates with me. not only our we, as foster kids, awaiting adoption, but also God is restless and eager for our adoption. to me that is pretty awesome and beautiful.

matt "patiently" allowing me to take our photo. it was the only one he allowed me to take, before heading to the car.

matt “patiently” allowing me to take our photo. it was the only one he allowed me to take, before heading to the car.

a man.

today, i met a man–a man, my sister is interested in. i did not know what to expect. except, i knew she is head over heals with him. my underground reports of him (from my mother) have all been positive: him talking to my dad, coming over to the house to hang out with the family, etc.

however, i was not expecting the emotions that i was going to feel today. mom had told me that he was nothing like matt (who can be quite a ham sometimes). when i saw anthony today come up to my sister and talk with her, i almost started to cry. he was really gentle and sweet with her in their brief encounter. he was quiet and reminded me more of a man than a boy. his demeanor was of a man with substance and old world morale and character. the way they looked at each other was beautiful. my sister has blossomed over the last few weeks. anthony, he seems the same: happy, content and complete with my sister by his side.

i did not expect this. she is my little sister. it has been extremely hard to let her begin this journey. especially, not living in lincoln. i want to control. share all my relationship advice (perhaps order in a putin-like fashion). i have seen so many relationships. the ups and downs. the problems. the issues. and it is hard not to want my sister to make the same mistakes that everyone makes: protect her in my little sister box. however, i now know i cannot do that. my mom has shown me this. my sister does not need two mothers. i can be a friend only, offer advice when asked (or in extreme situations).

seeing things now. i am at peace. i rejoice fully in my sister’s happiness. and i am so thankful for anthony in my sister’s life.

the aftermath

the mountain of clean dishes

last saturday night, my sexy dishwasher matthew (my tired husband) wanted to save the dishes until later for sunday morning.

we don’t have an genuine, plug-in dishwasher.

i told him we could conquer the dishes in a half hour and we did.

the job ceased at midnight and we were both free to go to bed.

the piles were so altitudinous, i thought them commendable enough of pictures and their very own post.

i trust you would say the same.

our entirety of glassware

empty, happy bottles