a monday night

egg slut counter #eggslut #LA #broadway

egg slut counter #eggslut #LA #broadway

dishes echoing against the florescent bulbs overhead.

voices murmuring beneath their clattering.

heat from the fireplace bringing warmth to all extremities.

stomachs satisfied from a table ladened

with thai pizza, waiting years to be made.

weeks of family–

days filled with holiday cheer

and christmas thoughts and dreams.

home encompassing so many places

and dragging thoughts of our small apartment

farther and farther away.

a new year has turned.

appeared out of thin air.

calendar plans plotting their way through

new pages–

crisp and clean.

may this new year be full of patience for those in my life,

full of willingness to learn and accept the change before me,

full of much laughter and tears,

full of heart stretching and longings for a better place,

and new faces to love and see christ through.



Photo on 1-3-13 at 8.23 PM #2

a reflection of christmas past: 2012 con mi madre.

Photo on 1-3-13 at 8.24 PM #2

dpp numero veintiuno

the seafood table my parents prepared for us--thanks grandpa!

the seafood table my parents prepared for us–thanks grandpa!



warmth and merriment.

girls screaming in delight.

my brain is gone

after driving

so long

accident after accident

ice all over



stopping on exits

to hammer ice off


so thankful to be here.

in nebraska.


snowflake card bex made

a snowflake card bex made

nebraska. when matt and i drove onto 77 after driving from the omaha airport, we breathed large sighs of happiness. together, we realized how much we loved lincoln. the phalic-like capitol even made us smile.

this week has been great. so relaxing with my mama and family. we had a family football day filled with so much good food and lots of laughter. although, i am dreading going back to work on monday, looking over the last several months: God has been gracious. it seems like last august was only a short while ago. the moment of moving to a new school and a new home seemed incredibly exciting and frightening. and now? we are on the other side of our first semester. we made it: unscathed, full of new hope for the rest of school. God is in control. and our hearts our ready for this new semester. looking forward to discovering where he will lead us.

new hair-do

new hair-do



thanks, mama

thanks, mama