feeling a little like gene wilder…


this is how my mind feels today….






Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii (1853-54) by Randolph Rogers– http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/11951

st. louis

a town that never ceases to

cause me to wonder

at it’s splendor.

the rows and rows

of grand old houses

t.s. eliots’ blue house

through the back door.

basking in old friends

ties so deep

that years of separation

are quickly pieced together

over a southern-style dinner.

sunday morning

carrying a heart so full

with a heavenly symphony

my heart glimpsing eternity

for but a brief moment.

the preacher’s words soaked into

my dry heart.

urging the congregation to still

our yearning to run

and stay

in our foxhole.


in the midst of chaos and fear

for God’s plan is not random

his story is fully known and written.

in your bag

#inyourbag #iheartfaces

#inyourbag #iheartfaces

stayed up late last night after study

to watch “restoration home” with the hubby.

gotta love the brits and people willing

to put holes in their pocketbooks.

here is the picture of the day

inside of my nanny bag.

i have to pack it the night before

so i can “sleep” without worrying i forgot something.

computer and camera

bible and a praying life

planner and notebook

sun-tan lotion left from chicago

hat and mittens for the mornings

i might need them.

allergy pills and a kitchen timer

and some old pamphlets and papers.

E has been falling asleep on my lap recently

during her bottle or if we dance.

i tried laying her down in her own bed today

after she had fallen asleep in my arms.

she knew instantly.

woke up.

and screamed at me.

well, i guess we are skipping

the morning nap.