last week: roca, nebraska

last week was my first time

without a job (since september).

practicing with my aperture, the f-thing, and my iso. ma gave me a camera lesson.

practicing with my aperture, the f-thing, and my iso. ma gave me a camera lesson.

matt had spring break

and we left for

our old home.

my expectations

of course



(a word here that means: blown out of the water, as usual).

reaching up, up, up!

reaching up, up, up!

we were busier

than i had intended.

i have always struggled with

that problem

affiliating break with relaxation


being absolutely lazy.

just never happens.

(i need to start stifling that pipe dream).

mi abuela de amor

mi abuela de amor


the week was different

more meaningful

in ways

i could not have imagined.

God created space for me to see

the lovely women

replacing mis pequeñas hermanas lindas.


so late

the clock hands reaching upwards

ma falling asleep on the couch

tata in bed.

the living room so warm

bodies draped

in pleasant, tired heaps

emitting whispers

and loud laughs.

my mind just gaped

not acquainted with

these new forms:

of woman.

marvelous unexpected snow!

marvelous unexpected snow!

my spirit felt blessings

trickling in

to reservoirs tucked



but brimming now

with an air of wonder

at these lovely

creatures stirring

at the feet of womanhood.

lights shown from

their eyes

and music from their lips

that i drank


excited with

the prospects

of new friends

never leaving

the last blooms of the amaryllis

the last blooms of the amaryllis





mis flores

a little while ago, my friend and i went looking for a wreath for her door. The 2 1/2 hour excursion ended up with no wreath, starbucks and many hopeful lowe’s garden center plants. i have not killed these little guys yet. we’ll see if i can get the orchids to rebloom. if so, i will consider myself pretty green-thumbed.



my new “corn-like” dendrobium orchid




my peperomia









mr. jade

mr. jade

my first jade plant was a branch off of my aunt’s ancient jade plant that resembled a small “whomping willow” (see harry potter for more details). however, there were issues with the plant and i eventually gave him up. my dad took the plant and now it also resembles a small “whomping willow”. my second jade was a tiny branch from my original plant. nonetheless, he died when i was attempting to prune it…(i broke it in half). and now my third plant is actually beginning to grow new leaves and stretch out higher than the rim of its bowl. i smile every time i see it.