dpp 2015: diciembre nueve

i think these speak for themselves…


new kids on the block


the humor and the madness. #classichung #archerface


dpp 2015: diciembre siete


our personal alley beside the church

ran around today taking care of errands: gold paint to refurbish our old fan that was my aunt and uncle’s, then my grandpa’s and then ours (plus local chocolate turtles while standing in line at ACE hardware–because they wanted to come home with me); corn pads for my weird bump on my foot that has been there since college; gas for my wonderful, but gas-slurping lilac buick named deltron; eyebrow gel; etc.

things i am thankful for in this season: the lovely weather we have been experiencing–it is a little nice not having a frozen car and bum every time i go to work (sorry nebraska–i still love you); wonderful friends who pursue you, love you, literally be with you–and you know deep down they’ll be friends you’ll keep for forever and ever despite them leaving soon; God’s timing lately in opening people’s heart; looking forward to christmas break; matt having a tangible amount of writing left for this semester; being done with our foster/adoption classes (no more cpr/first aid for two more years!!!!); our dear family; etc.

enjoy the christmas season! wrap some presents! drink some cocoa!