i am learning a lot. and thankful for much that is happening.

thankful for friends coming into town, driving so long to see just us.

thankful for friends showing me how to go above and beyond serving others in ways i would not think to (move heart! move!).

thankful for women in the word. without it, i would not have the three 2 chronicles commentaries on my desk. i am learning so much about the book i never thought was possible to grasp or see. why is there so much repetition about dead kings???!!! there is a purpose: to show God’s everlasting promise and love for his people. i am learning that chronicles is a little more about symbolism, since it was written at a time when israel was returning from their exile from babylon. they needed reassurance that their God was still there. through showing the abrahamic and davidic generational promises of the past and focusing on the temple, Ezra, the supposed author of chronicles, tries to encourage and remind israel of their past and God’s presence.

thankful for the people at “church on the street.” a quote that has stuck with me “just cause you’re homeless, you don’t have to dress like it. people start walking by you and clutching at their purses.” -a response i received from a man who has been on the streets for 7 years. i complemented his sweater he was wearing. i also ate old donated fish and crawdads last week from emory at “church on the street”. it was a surprisingly real moment. even though they have nothing, the people at “church on the street” still pour into me with care and their insights about God. last week was beautiful to be surrounded by such a diverse group and hearing their thoughts on  the bible and obedience.

thankful for thanksgiving and christmas around the corner. i know i am supposed to live each day to its fullest, but i am just itching to see my mama (and the rest of y’all).

thankful for paper and scissors and glue. my friend gail has inspired some deep strains of creativity in me lately. it has been a lot of fun working with my hands and mind during my down time.

last friday, i finally made it to a friend’s wood shop. it was glorious. smelling wood again. getting sawdust on my jacket and glue stuck onto my fingers. my friend’s coworker let me re-glue a chair.  words cannot express the feeling of restoring that chair. it was ugly, but it felt so right standing there, tightening clamps, searching for supplies to reinforce, sanding, etc. i am thankful for the ability God gave me to work with wood and see the potential beauty. it is all about restoring something to its former or at least workable glory.

walking to the train

walking to the train

abandon bank across the street from the marta station

abandon bank across the street from the marta station

eating pretzals

eating pretzals

georgia aquarium bathroom

soapy reflections







i am currently tutoring. i don’t know if it is due to the time or what, but i am helping a student cite an online tip calculator and “math is fun” website. matt and i both tried to assure the worried student that they would not have to cite such things, but the persistent student ignored our wisdom. good luck, kid on that one…

so meanwhile, here are some st. louis’ art museum pictures to entertain you.

what are you all up to besides sleeping?

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you……

tomorrow, i start work or at least training. it has not quite hit me yet that i am going back to work…finally. it seems like it has been forever since i last worked. my last few weeks of working in nebraska were mangled with my own projects, packing, saying goodbye, catching up on last minute mending on my grandmother’s hardy sewing machine, helping others unpack, etc. it was a crazy time. however, this time around, there will be more of a schedule and routine. this job will be hard work; nonetheless, with a lighter monday and tuesday and wednesday through friday being 8:30 to 4:30 (unless, i finish sooner), i believe it should indeed keep me occupied and allow me to meet new faces and different areas of our town.

this tuesday starts the beginning of attending ruf (reformed university fellowship). we have been baby-sitting the ruf pastor’s kids so that his wife could attend ruf large group with her husband. she is going to start going every other week so that she can have more time with the kids and so that we can have a chance at attending also. i am excited to start helping with ministry and meeting others in our community. it will help matt with finding more familiar faces on IU’s super large campus.

and saturday, we get our first house guest!! woot! woot! WOOTTTT!