like a blank canvas.

the calm hurries my senses.

making me stare

as my eyes adjust to the darkening.

dim echoes of hurled flashes

roll over obstacles–

demanding to be heard.

the atmosphere beckons in purple hues

jaggedly smeared on the high ceiling

that droops like a quilt billowing with down.

coolness envelopes me

as it pours in rivulets across

my arms and cheeks.

i stand with nothing

as something great emerges.

my hair fans away from my shoulders

as my ears discern the beginning

Splat Splat Splishes

of a storm coming nearer.


Amherst Sundays




an incredible lunch at antonio’s pizza: chicken pesto, avacado quesadilla, and bbq chicken ranch


checking out


drive home

moving reflection

moving reflection

exploring the east

one of my husband’s loves is exploring. he loves driving and just heading in any place. before we were married, he said he would get in the car and drive country roads and see what there was to see. since massachusetts is so close to surrounding states, last weekend we went to vermont, new hampshire and maine. it was a lovely trip.

brattleboro was a beautiful old town settled down in the mountains. a beautiful river ran through a section of it. we could not tell what the main source of jobs were with the eclectic folks we met there. the majority of people there were young and old hippies. it was an interesting mix juxtaposed to the older magnificent setting of the buildings, but kept us entertained while we enjoyed breakfast.

eating breakfast in brattelburo

eating breakfast in brattleboro, vt

concord was beautiful, but empty. we walked the main street, devouring a salted caramel shake from the oldest local candy store. there were a few tents set up in an open green space selling bonsai trees, baby bibs, etc. it was a lovely with open stretches of brick buildings. at this point it was around 3, and we decided to push on towards portland and to the ocean.




daniel webster standing in front of the concord capitol building

nh historical society building

nh historical society building

portland was also a lovely place. the buildings and curving buckled brick roads near the wharf reminded me of new orleans. we were a bit tired exploring our 3rd city of the day, and the ocean was often hard to clearly see with the buildings and boats–it didn’t quite encompass the “maine” feeling i expected. we wandered the streets, peeking in windows, glancing over countless menus framed by restaurant doors. eventually, we stopped at a place where yelp raved about the chowder and matt could order his fried seafood plater.


portland victorian house museum

after dinner, we juggled the idea of driving 2 3/4 hours home or finding a hotel. a text from my mom saying “dad says ‘you’re on vacation!'” helped to concrete our decision to stay. we eventually pulled into a motel exhausted. the next morning we drove around old orchard beach which was incredibly packed for a sunday morning and already heavy with an oppressive glaring heat. we continued to drive down the coast to kenybunkport when matt decided he wanted to show me a peninsula he had explored earlier with his dad.

begrudgingly, i helped matt back track to biddeford pool. finally, the maine i had been hoping for: expansive ocean on the horizon, maine beach houses, rocks, cool weather. it was stunning. matt and i found a grassy place to park and explored tide pools, climbed on rocks, and just basked in the good weather and view. it was a lovely end and reward to the weekend.

biddeford pool

biddeford pool

beach house

beach house

mb in his element. our favorite few hours of the trip.

mb in his element. our favorite few hours of the trip.

June in a nutshell 

going to late night premier showing of “jurassic world” with my bubbe and sisters

(notice the hair similarities? we stopped at starbucks on the way for some mental nutrients in coffee form. the movie was so great. #chrispratt #iwanttotrainraptors)

in california on a family camping trip

(we had a great time with my family and Matt’s family in yosemite. the waterfalls in yosemite are beautiful. Yosemite is very popular and can be compact with tourists, but it is worth seeing. unlike Rocky Mountain National Park, there are some incredible vantage points where you can see almost the entirety of the park and its domes and falls.)

yosemite with the yah-yahs

317 feet tall vernal falls

(despite the steepness of this climb and the water strewn steps that led up to the top of the waterfall, this hike was well worth it. the falls were stunning and the top pool was a lovely place to stop and explore.)

the dry cali dessert

(we stopped at a mexican food truck outside of sequoia national forest and ate some of the best mexican food i have ever had. sequoia’s biggest tree, the general sherman, is the largest in the world by volume, not heigh [redwood forest] or oldest [california’s white mountains’ methuselah].)

Sf women’s shelter freshly painted: “silence is death”

joplin’s house

(san francisco was strangely unlike anything i was expecting. the amount of tech companies that surround the city are overwhelmingly numerous. basically to live there, you have to make a decent amount of money since it is the most expensive place to live in the united states. google sends buses into the city every day to pick up its employees. history exudes from each different neighborhood and has a story to tell in who lived there and what changes they made. our favorites stops were the mission district, the ferry back to sf from sausalito, etc.)

golden gate

freshly picked nebraska cherries in a skillet crumble pie with hazelnut liqueur

drove over 22 hours to the yiddish book center to stay with matt for the remainder of his class

yiddish book center