happy thanksgiving and guinea sneak peak

sneak peak from the lueders' photoshoot today....

sneak peak from the lueders’ photoshoot today….


dpp 1: diciembre uno

"cat" the cat

“cat” the cat #dpp2014

named after "cat" in breakfast at tiffany's

named after “cat” in breakfast at tiffany’s #dpp2014

the december photo project is back. this is the 3rd year i will be participating.

we just got back from thanksgiving break–stayed with some old friends. on the trip, cat was perfectly perched on the table with the sun shining on him. he posed temporarily for me and then ran away.

the bloomington project

we had our first private worship today with our church plant: the bloomington project (we don’t have an actual title yet for our church).


it was so exciting. after talking about worship for so long and meeting with these people over the length of 5 months, to actually get to worship side-by-side with our new community was overwhelmingly beautiful.


the service was in an old room above the downtown subway–it smelled delicious.


the gray, snow filled sky shown in from the abundant windows covering the western and southern walls. the Lord has created another beautiful thing. and i am so thankful for his providence.


also, we found out today that our ruf pastor’s wife is pregnant. they already have three little girls. a new little one. God. is. too. good. thank you.




lately, i have been cleaning out my past photos on my computer: editing, deleting and organizing. going through the photos has been good. i am realizing there are a lot of bad photos (TOO MANY SELF PORTRAITS and SAPPPPPYYYY photos of matt and i. gag. gag. gag. gag). then again, there are some real keepers that i did not realize i had. for the next couple posts i am going to be sharing some of these loverly photos.

matt and i currently arrived in lincoln wednesday night and were greeted by robed fairies in the driveway at 12:30 in the morning. it was wonderful. it was a sort of out-of-body feeling thinking of going home to the lincoln countryside, when i already felt like i was home in our little place on kingston drive. images of our 11th street have stopped flashing up when i think of matt and i’s place. bloomington is slowly becoming home. God is doing more than i could have ever imagined. all the grace he is showering upon us is revealing even more that this is exactly the path he has set for us. it’s hard. but good.

these photos are from matt and i’s first christmas as a couple. for some reason we went downtown with my little sister to the lincoln starbucks.

happy thanksgiving!!!