of hats, flashes and wine

to my mother who is always encouraging, gently pushing me to be creative (“why aren’t you taking pictures and blogging………??!”), and helping me to look outside of myself. She always surprises me with her incredibly deep thoughts and perspectives, and is especially one of my favorite people to open a bottle of prosecco¬†with. join us sometime.

thanks for letting me borrow your flash and lenses, ma. they are kinda cool.


remnants from fall


a hat


flashes of acorn



dpp numero viente

tim's turntable

tim’s turntable



postal services 10 year anniversary record collection. it sounds amazing.

postal service’s 10 year anniversary record collection. it sounds amazing.

one of my first manhattans

one of my first manhattans

as usual we are having a wonderful time in st. louis–hosted by the lovely kj. wine and spaghetti to come. nebraska tomorrow.

dpp numero deiciocho

crazy saint candle lady

crazy saint candle lady

dear man at the grocery store driving a station wagon who yelled “hey, lady”and did the “come-hither-cause-i-am-hot-stuff” eye brow lift,

you will not find a woman by yelling at them while they are carrying groceries.

perhaps if you helped them carry the groceries…

pajama pant wearing women are not suggesting they are in need of a bed.

they are probably just tired or too lazy to get dressed. or both.

the “eyebrow” lift did not and will not convince a woman to drop her groceries and jump in your station wagon…

unless you’re joseph gordon-levitt or ryan gosling. (you did not hear that from me).

straggly naval-long beards are not usually a turn-on…

unless you are a dwarf woman or gandalf’s wife.

despite all that i have said, thanks for the compliment…

definitely wasn’t feeling sexy today.

till next time-