summertime part two





dad removed it from the body of the piano for stripping tomorrow

dad removed it from the body of the piano for stripping tomorrow

1955 piano board

1955 piano board


the shop- and my 200th post

snow cat prints from last night

cat snow prints from last night

yellow glare from street glare

yellow glare from street lamp

been working

with my dad

tackling old projects

in his back room.

sifting through jobs

needing to be finished.

getting into my old groove

like riding a bicycle.

oversized orange aprons

with excess finger smudges

displayed across the front.

wood filler tracing

the God-given maps

in my fingertips.

dust settling upon every


encrusting my body

like ice on a tree.

the smell of oak



back in my lungs.

my hands tracing along

rough chairs

feeling the imperfection

knowing the eventual result.

this is why i love this shop.

the place where

i can create


physically see beauty appear

underneath my careful guidance.

it’s good to be back.

wish it could stay.

i am

a woodworker at heart.


it’s pouring outside. the windows are finally serving a purpose of allowing the cool, dampness to permeate the stifled warmth of my house. i received a call this morning. a call i have been desiring, but responded to differently than i had intended. a call saying i had received a job.

these 2 1/2 weeks in bloomington have flown by. they have been better than expected. still, it has been hard to be alone during the days. the evenings, matt studies still. he is a man that studies, but this masters’ degree program has brought forth a new dimension of studying for him. i chose not to believe matt’s sister when she said that he would have no extra time and be consumed with work during every waking moment (she finished her master’s degree in a year). my body has began to feel listless. the stillness is good; even so, i want my time to glorify God (laying in bed, surfing the internet does not count). with new friends, it is also been hard to know when too much is too much–you don’t want to start sounding desperate…”so what are you doing this week? busy today?… what time?…. oh, i was thinking…all day?”

when we first arrived to bloomington, i filled out some applications: a restaurant, a department store, etc. i looked for tutoring jobs in english and writing.  i hesitated to search and to settle at a job knowing that matt will be getting off a week around thanksgiving and around 3 1/2 weeks off at christmas. no job will give me that kind of time off. with family now away in nebraska and cali,  a few days off for christmas won’t cut it as a holiday. nonetheless, i knew i needed to find a job. so monday night, i googled all the nearest furniture restoration/repair and cabinetry shops. yesterday, i started visiting.

this is the lists:


3 cabinet shops into the search, i lost faith in the furniture repair community (i will touch on this later). the 4th shop was impossible to find. my poor car kept winding on old country roads, backtracking my trails, and finding new towns. i did eventually stumble upon it. the shop was perfect. reminded me of my dad maybe 15 years ago in his business. the man was interested in hiring and said he would get back to me by the end of this week. my next stop was to drop off my application at a maid company. they had time for an interview also and we talked about time off around the holidays. the manager said i would have to pick one holiday or the other to have more time off at.

2 jobs. one i have experience at (wood working), would probably be more flexible, and be something i really enjoy. the other job: cleaning. i enjoy cleaning, the hours are not bad, the holidays are slightly flexible, and i can get paid more than the wood working job. i would chose flexibility still over money in this situation.

this morning though, at 10:45, i received a call. the maid company. i had until 12 to accept their job offer. after a call to my mother and to matt. i prayed and tried to reach the furniture repair shop (matt said i should call him to see how interested he was in hiring). no one answered the phone. i made a decision and called the maid company back. i said yes.

trusting that the Lord will provide is hard–that His plan will work out for the best. not seeing the end result is difficult and i am struggling. i am more at peace now, but this job will provide a set of challenges that i am going to have to pray through and lean on the Lord’s will and overwhelming grace and love. we’ll see where this new journey takes me.